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Prediction League: Huddersfield Town


Huddersfield Town v Bristol City  

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Yes, that's right - I don't have much to say about Huddersfield. I'll leave that to @havanatopia and @BigTone.

After two less than brilliant matches, I assume this one's a "must win", yes?

It'd certainly be nice, I'll give ya that. But if we don't win, you can always console yourself by hugging a field.


Vote in the poll for:



Half-time scoreline

First goalscorer


Specify in a post (if desired):

Other goalscorers

Goal timings



Order on Football League Tonight

Yes, this will mean I actually have to watch the hugely disappointing stumble through the highlights that Channel 5 call a programme, but for you guys it's worth it.

(I won't watch it, I'll record it and skip to the relevant part).

Basically, guess where we come in the order of matches.

Correct position: 2 points

One out: 1 point

Correct match preceding ours: 2 points

Correct match succeeding ours: 2 points

(e.g. 5th. Before: MK Dons-Ipswich. After: QPR-Burnley)

Maximum of 6 points.



Preston v Reading

Correct scoreline: 2 ruddy points, innit.


PREDICTION DEADLINE: 15.00 GMT, Saturday 12th December, 2015


Boom, shake-shake-shake the room.

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Result : Draw

Scoreline :1-1

Half-time scoreline 1-1

First goalscorer : Kodjia

Other goalscorers : OG Ayling

Goal timings : 23 , 27

If I watch it means we've won so

after... MK Vs  Ipswich

Before ... Charlton Vs Leeds the last game.

PNE 2-1 Reading


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Wait. I'm going to get confused now.

Are people writing "after" as in "our match will be after...", or as in "the match after us will be..."?

And same for "before"...

I really should think these things through in advance.

Think it makes most sense to say the former.

So "after" = the game we follow.

"Before" = the game we precede.


It was probably only me that was confused. And now I've probably confused you even more.

Carry on, nothing to see here.

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Huddersfiled 1 - 2 Bristol City

(HT 0 - 1)

Freeman 43', Kodjia 56', Huws 70'

CHANNEL 5's SATURDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL PARTY (or whatever it's called- I've never watched it) RUNNING ORDER

Ours will be the 5th match shown in the Championship section.

Preston v Reading THEN Huddersfield v Bristol City THEN MK Dons v Ipswich


Preston NE 2 -  4 Reading

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5 hours ago, Davefevs said:

Wagner's Terriers 0 - 1 Cotterill's Puppies

Kodjia 6 (h/t 0-1)



after: Charlton v Leeds

before: MKD v Ipswich

PNE 1 - 2 Reading

8th game - Charlton v Leeds

9th game - us

10th game - MKD v Ipswich

@RedYoshi I pity you having to watch TFLS just to see the order!

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Huddersfield 1-1 City (Kodjia 29', Wells 37')

10th game: Charlton vs Leeds

11th game: Huddersfield vs City

12th game: Wolves vs Forest

Wildcard: Preston 1-0 Reading


Couldn't help noticing, 4 people have voted for the draw whereas 5 have gone for a scoreline of a draw. Either someone's had a mare or there's a cheeky attempt to cover more bases going on...:shifty:

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Sorry folks but I've a feeling 'IF' we can turn our recent dominance in games into goals it could be a silly scoreline (to us).:cool:

That said, I assume your lads will have made plans to upset our game and will be well prepared. As we all know there are no easy games at this level so perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part but it is based on our almost total dominance of our last two matches against two well organised sides.

We'll see!!!;)

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