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  1. The article is real... for reasons known only to Bert Tann, he's altered the names.
  2. I love how they're marketing it as "an evening of unrivalled sporting entertainment at Bristol Rovers FC in 2018".... Whereas for 2017, our own "evening of unrivalled sporting entertainment" came on the pitch last week....in the area of sport in which we specialise... and not in seeing two retired darts players appear at the ground!
  3. Well I'm using my own name and I can say I wholeheartedly agree with every criticism of you, your book, your mindset and your "justification" of what I deem to be an utterly pathetic way of life. Silvio Dante's post just now pretty much covered most of the bases. Hooligans saying they represent "my club" are deluded. What they do is project a negative outlook of a club trying to do everything the right way. The worrying thing, Paul, is that where some people talk about what it was like to be involved in this, you and a few others talk about it in the present tense, showing not that it was a way of life, but still is. Sorry Paul, but you and your ilk are a relic that the vast majority of us do not want associated with our club. If you want your fight club, have it...away from anyone else. In the forest like the Europeans, as mentioned earlier in the thread... Just don't waste NHS resources getting yourselves patched up and don't do it in the name of Bristol City Football Club, because all you are doing is dragging that name through the mud when you do.
  4. Let's be honest, a reduced capacity would be a real problem for them....if they ever sold out their existing capacity on even a semi-regular basis... As we know that doesn't happen, it's pretty much an empty threat.
  5. One of our "friends"'s response to part of that thread.... but they're not obsessed with us though, right?!? We've some belters on this forum but I can't think of one single person who, if there was any discussion about naming the Stadium, would come up with this sort of "joke". They wouldn't even factor into any of our thinking! And one other thing...their forum...why is it that if you move to the next page of a thread it opens at the bottom post? Even their forum is tinpot!
  6. Who was that?!? You have to provide a link for that classic!
  7. Trouble with that is that the Pheonix club would need to find somewhere to play...almost certain that they'd be licking their lips at planning an assault on Ding's new ground in Frenchay before stealing it from them in a few years time! Let the ******* rot, I say.
  8. What I heard was that Wally Al Qaeda doesn't want to rent the land the stadium is built on and so wants to buy the land for £2m (the alleged value, but this is likely using #GasLogic) and the UWE are asking £10m, which the slags are refusing to pay. I would half expect this "withdraw" to be part of the bargaining process to rob someone else of their land for a fraction of its worth. It's not like they haven't got form for this already, is it?!?
  9. They're all gonna boycott the education system in protest.... At least that'll be the new excuse they give for being thick as pig shit... It's a conscious decision now!!!
  10. Not sure how often this needs to be explained to you, but this thread contains everything that has been posted about your wretched club since they entered the football League just over 2 years ago. We took one look at your forum and the number of threads about us and decided condensed was the way to go. If you count the number of pages in all of the threads about us in that same time period you'd be hitting close or more than the 400+ pages we see here. And it'd take you no time at all to count them with those extra digits to make use of! Say hi to Auntie Mum when you see her.
  11. Is that six figure fee, or six finger fee?
  12. We do (or at the very least did) too.... There's a market for most things nowadays.
  13. Personally think she looks like a post op transgender Teddy Sheringham, but hey ho....eye of the beholder and all that!
  14. Aren't they 2 months from the original grand opening date? And not a hole has been dug thus far.... And still the alarm bells don't ring for them?!?
  15. My birthday! I'll accept that as a present! Thanks very much!
  16. They were at a Gas game....there were plenty of better seats behind the pillars!
  17. Although there was a genuine design flaw...apparently all the stands were facing the pitch! Boom boom! The oldies are still the best!
  18. As George Carlin said.... "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."
  19. Why is there a shit tonne of man-juice dripping from the goal?!? I guess that's the mess that 7000 tossers make at the thought of being in the same division as us!
  20. Sorry to get all spelling and grammar police on you, but it's spelled 'whores'. It's an easy mistake to make though, so I'll let you off....
  21. As I said earlier in the thread, he's done well with the two promotions (though following the logic of some of your fans, you were lucky that there were 20+ teams shitter than you!). But the whole passion thing is an act. The expression on his face follo wing promotion is the face of someone who has suffered for years and years seeing you move grounds several times over the years, suffering from being (factually) the less successful team in the city, suffering far more lows than highs and finally, finally enjoying some long overdue success. It's not the emotion of someone who's been there five minutes and hasn't been through what the rest of you have. He experienced a relegation in a season he only presided over for a few games, followed by two very good seasons. What release does he need? None. That expression...that passion....he's not a lifelong Gashead, and so it was an act to sucker you in and get you to idolise him....but it's not genuine. But your lot lap it up like he was born in a blue and white quarters. From an outside view, he should act with more dignity and stop mugging off the fans who shout his name. And you lot need to see through the charade and just appreciate the job he's done (which is very good) without buying the act. And no....I'm not bitter...I'm not sure what any City fan would be bitter about. We haven't suffered the recent ignominy of relegation out of the football league. We have a stadium to be proud of, an actual billionaire owner who is doing all he can to make us the best we can be, we won the double a year ago and saw a continued improvement in the second half of last season...in the Championship. We've not been below you for over five and a half THOUSAND days. Pray tell.....what do we have to be bitter about?!?
  22. I struggle to understand the Sags who are suckered by the lie that is Darryl Clarke's "passion". "That" photo that has been doing the rounds...that is the expression of someone who has supported the club for the majority of his life. Experiencing a couple of highs, but many, many more lows. The pain of underachievement, the struggles of a nomadic existence, the culmination of years and years of slump finally, finally bringing some real positivity. Not the face of someone who has been around for less than three years. I've no doubt he's proud of what he's achieved, but that was not the normal, instinctive reaction, of someone who's been on the scene for five minutes. That sort of expression is primal when it's genuine. It's pure and unadulterated joy, relief, disbelief and love. Which means it's a front to keep the fans onside and think of him as "one of us". And it's worked! They're lapping it up! He'll be gone as soon as one of the bigger teams comes in for him I'm sure. But they just don't see it...they see it as yet another sign of just how amazing and unique they really are! I believe it when LJ looks genuinely happy for what we're doing. He has spent a large majority of his career with us and developed a genuine affinity over six years with us that continued to grow for years after he left. His upbringing meant that he was never in one place for long enough to have a team to call his, and his support for us is believable. Whereas Dopey's is nothing short of pantomime. (in my opinion!)
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