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  1. Running out. He ran out ages ago. He just regurgitates the old ones.
  2. As someone said. It's awesome how LJ manages to suck the skill and determination out of anyone who plays for him. It's in his Dna
  3. Is it LJs team? Or does he need another four windows
  4. I agree. But let’s face it the coach picked them set them up and told them what he wanted. If LJ had been ‘dropped‘ after that he could have had few complaints by the same token.
  5. Exactly. 24m in the bench someone said to boot As Owers said. If we win we will all be jumping up and down but seven changes after a three month lay off, what have they been doing. still this is something like what I would have done last week. We have to go for it. Bentley has his head somewhere else and Kalas I think looked overweight and disinterested Last week. A midfield of Smith and Massengo looks weak but the way LJ plays invites pressure on our defence in the broadest sense.
  6. He’s a stable genius!
  7. Moore is a vast improvement on that rabble at the back from Saturday. This really could be a season changer if handled well.
  8. If this is true and it seems it is, LJ has just got very lucky. Walsh Morell plus about six others all chomping at the bit to play In A god awful midfield.
  9. 4 7 13 15 23 28 31 34 44 46 48
  10. Is not strong enough or has the pace. Fit perfectly in our midfield.
  11. Agree completely. I will go as far as to say he may not be the messiah, but he could be a very naughty boy!
  12. Slew was more of a reference to his playing career at top level. Fa cups, Super cups league cups etc. a player that has done a lot at top level and was once the pick to come here as manager by at least one in the boardroom. My point was slightly obscured because I agreed with the premise, which was, many shout anything as long as it’s not Johnson. However LJ has to improve drastically very soon or SL and the board will need to make some decisions. If that decision was Robins in and LJ gone then I wouldn’t be upset. A bloke who has fed off scraps as a player and a manager, achieving trophies, while we have a bloke who has achieved nothing with multi millions and one Scottish league cup as a player resorting To hump it up to the bloke that looks a bit like Dele Adebola.
  13. I thought HNM was the scapegoat. I must keep up!
  14. Yes I think you are right. However he also has a slew of trophies has experience as a manager with a current promotion campaign that got the best out of Walsh to the point he swept all of the awards and is widely recognized as league 1s best player. LJ has a track record of spending money on players that sit on the bench, of not developing players, of poor decision making and tactics and producing utter dross football at home. however LJ v MR really is about MR IS NOT LJ as you could apply this rationale to a lot of managers!
  15. HNM IS A GOOD PLAYER. The frustration is the **** that picks the side. I wouldn’t get to hung up on what people say about HNM. Just read the managers hasn’t got a clue. How we have reached the point where we expect so much of a kid is very much down to what competition does he have.
  16. I feel your pain. So rewind back to the beginning of the season. We had no Smith but HNM and Taylor Moore were doing brilliantly. Getting Ashley Williams was a good decision based on what was going on at the time. We had no Kalas but at times we looked good. Afobi getting injured was massive but we/I was saying when everyone is fit we have a shot. Fwd 9 months and we couldn’t find a pass or a tackle that mattered Kalas looks fat and gets beat , Bsker gets caught under the ball and Bentley Wtf. The decision to brink in Benko burger and toss Moore was madness. Bloke barely gets a spot on the bench Henrickson LMFAO. Wells is a brilliant player who must be regretting coming here and LJ has single handedly miss handled Diehdou to the point that he is expected to be your basic lamppost without willing runners. We were 3/1 down yesterday passing the ball across our own back line hoping that Palmer could conjour something from 55 yards. pissed off to right!
  17. Excellent start CA. And a bit more power I would say.
  18. How many times has the numpty said this? Clue. A lot! The ones he trusts. Well Weimann (who I think is a very good player despite some of the shit that gets written here) and please for the love of God Maenpaa!! Desilva and Hunt, Ashley Williams. Then I would say Afobe and Wells. Smith as we have no one else that's any good in that spot. Fill in the blanks that don't include Baker Elliason Perera
  19. Our football is terrible. Devoid of anything exciting or unexpected. Whilst we sit 14m worth of forwards on the bench. LJ keeps finding a way for his head to disappear up his own ass while some defend idiot decisions. Top six or bust and we produce THAT! Please stick your post match interview and dross defenses. We were worse than what we were before. Training excellent, not expected that Grrrrrrr! Stop talking shit and produce a bloody football team LJ!!!
  20. I like Nagy. After yesterday’s inept team and performance I have given up already. Sad but wtf was that. next season we have Walsh Morrell Nagy HNM Smith if retained Patterson the other young lads doing well. Plus Elliason ...Who have I missed in midfield please feel free to add. what are we obviously missing?
  21. I think we do. We are missing one decent player in the center of the field and a leader on the field....A leader off the field is also essential too!
  22. REDOXO


    We are awful in the center of midfield. Neither Nagy HNM and Smith are powerful enough and we are played through easily. Hendrickson was supposed to be the answer but by all accounts he hates LJ and vice versa. We have Kasey Palmer who takes risks at the back and has no real assets outside of a forward line. I was told on this very forum how power was no longer a thing after we got bullied by WBA, yeah not so much!! As someone said/implied the center of our spine is weak
  23. We could have used The pair of those today.
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