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Gustav Engvall - It's Official - Signed

1891 B.C. Sweden

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3 minutes ago, 1891 B.C. Sweden said:

About £2

I will pay that fee now if the club are happy to pick up wages...

Blimey, there are bargains over there!

Seriously, assuming the £m is a given, kind of what we paid for Kodjia. Think a deal on these lines is much more likely than dropping multi millions in the English market right now.

Mind you, if it was not for all those Britexers, they would be even cheaper!

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4 minutes ago, Cardy said:

Hold on - it is saying we never turned up on Saturday. That's not good is it?

Alongside, if I read it right, he has not played for ages. Gets lost in translation, but if we saw the team and he was not in it, maybe seemed little point? Does highlight we have somebody in that part of the world looking mind.



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