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Roy Keane said at half time........"Man U were probably the best team in the first half, but there  is a lot more to come from them, It will be a good test"   How did that   test go, Roy?   I haven't stopped laughing yet, and don't intend to stop until next Tuesday.  Nothing I enjoy more than seeing a big fat bubble burst. Am So Looking forward to MOTD.

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1 minute ago, Northern Red said:

State of Bruno Fernandes. If I'm Ten Hag I'm binning him as captain after that.

I'm amazed he didn't getting a booking when he chopped the Liverpool player whilst claiming another offside penalty. Three bookings for them was light.

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24 minutes ago, Percy Pig said:

He's up there with the most contemptible players to ever play here surely. Barton, Derry and that Thompson from Swindon are the only players I can think of who I despise more.

Oh and Kavanagh. Hated him.

Roy Knut ?

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1 minute ago, cidercity1987 said:

Absolutely not, child of the 1990s I hated em

But there wasn't any gloating posts on here from any lurking Mancs after they won the cup.....

Agreed, but this result is something very special……no matter who you support.

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12 minutes ago, cidercity1987 said:

Out come the fake scousers of OTIB , boringggggggg

I’m not a scouser, I’m a Moonraker.

Of all the PL clubs Liverpool are my favourite, followed by Arsenal.

Both had wins this weekend so in that regard I’m pretty happy.Makes partly up for City losing yesterday………

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I'm reminded of when I worked at British Aerospace in Filton back in the day when Liverpool were the dominant team in Europe - Dalgliesh era before they were banned after Heysel - and after a win all the plastic Scousers would come in fist pumping ...we did this we did that etc.. taking the piss out of City and Rovers fans about their "shit team". I'd ask them how often they were able to get up to Anfield and not one had ever seen them live anywhere.

They've probably been Man City fans these last few years.

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