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The Fantastical Fantasies of OTIB (A Game)

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PEU v Derby

@RedYoshi (full transparency :thumbsup:) - cannot select Paterson

@bissellredhead & @Dogbert - cannot select Eliasson

@Chivs - cannot select Wells

@citywest30 - cannot select Eliasson or Wells

@Chessels Chick - cannot select Dasilva, Eliasson, or Diédhiou


Chip update

@bissellredhead, @citywest30, @Dogbert, @jrt55555 - all three available

@Chessels Chick, @Chivs, @RedYoshi - Triple Captain & Overload available

@Oubliette23 - Overload available


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For Rooney's Derby

Dasilva C (Hunt)

Paterson (Eliasson)

Wells FFS Weimann VC (Diedhiou)

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Vs Derby

Def - Dasilva (Williams)

Mid - Pato capt (Nagy)

Att - Diédhiou vice capt (Weimann)

@RedYoshi quick question - Obvs I couldn't pick Eliasson or Wells this week but if I'd used my best of for midfield would I have got Eliasson's points if he was the best of midfielder or would I have had to have the second best? Just useful to know for the future. Ta.

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DEF: Baker (Dasilva)

MID: Eliasson (C) (Smith)

FWD: Wells vc (Diédhiou)


@citywest30 - yeah, afraid you would only get the 2nd best in that instance, so gotta plan ahead a little bit to ensure everyone’s available when you play Best Of.

Come on City, I’ll take 0 points if you can get all 3!

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On 12/02/2020 at 18:43, RedYoshi said:

Come on City, I’ll take 0 points if you can get all 3!

Feel like I should now forfeit the points I did get, so as to appease the footballing gods...

I’ll sleep on it.


PEU v Leeds

@bissellredhead - cannot select Dasilva

@Oubliette23 - cannot select Diédhiou

@Dogbert@RedYoshi - cannot select Wells

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3 hours ago, RedYoshi said:

DEF: Dasilva (Benković)

MID: Eliasson vc (Paterson)

FWD: Diédhiou (C) (Weimann)


@Dogbert - captain?

@Chivs - 38min warning!

Oooh bother.  Can I pick now?  I promise I've not seen our disappointing 1-0 loss and the strange team selection.... ?

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Gameweek 32 Update - Com-for-ta-BALLS WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

Three goals and a clean sheet. What a fantasy dream. Points galore! Everyone’s a winner! We’ve conceded two! It’s incredi - wait, we’ve what?

While we all saw those defensive points tumble before our very eyes, fact is that it remained a pretty decent match for us all, with only @Chivs a little scuppered by Weimann’s late cameo and the fact that an (otherwise decent) defensive captain made those lost clean sheet points even more of a kick in the teeth.

But more importantly, we hung on. Phew.


@Chivs: 13pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Weimann)

@Chessels Chick: 15pts (Williams - Paterson - Wells)

@bissellredhead: 19pts (Dasilva - Smith - Wells)

@Dogbert: 19pts (Benković - Henriksen - Wells)

@jrt55555: 19pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Wells)

@citywest30: 21pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Diédhiou)

@RedYoshi: 21pts (Dasilva - Eliasson - Wells)

@Oubliette23: 30pts (Williams - Eliasson - Diédhiou)

Yet again, Oubliette streets ahead the rest of us as the only manager to captain 12-point Diédhiou. Dogbert probably deserved more after an inspired choice of Benković at the back but, while Wells supported well, the midfield skipper proved unwise.



600 points! Blimey.

Citywest has successfully held me at bay, maintaining that 1 point lead, as has Dogbert over bissell. How long will that last? I do think we might be at the stage of being able to predict who will be in the top 8 at least, but you never know in fantasy sports...

I’ll get round to the Leeds update at some point this week, but to be honest I don’t want to relive it.


GW32 Points Breakdown

  1. Diédhiou 12
  2. Benković 9
  3. Wells 6
  4. Dasilva 5
  5. Eliasson 5
  6. Henriksen 2
  7. Paterson 2
  8. Smith 2
  9. Hunt 1
  10. O’Dowda 1
  11. Rowe 1
  12. Weimann 1
  13. Williams 1
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Gameweek 33 Update - No Leads At Leeds

Turns out they’re pretty decent. Who’da thunk it?

Ah well, it’s football, it happens, and at least it wasn’t five.

Nor was the difference between our top scorer and lowest scorer, in a quite impressively tight score distribution this week:

@bissellredhead: 7pts (Williams - Henriksen - Diédhiou)

@Dogbert: 8pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Diédhiou)

@Chessels Chick: 9pts (Williams - Henriksen - Wells)

@RedYoshi: 9pts (Dasilva - Eliasson - Diédhiou)

@Oubliette23: 10pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Wells)

@citywest30: 11pts (Dasilva - Henriksen - Wells)

@jrt55555: 11pts (Dasilva - Henriksen - Wells)

Bissell and myself somewhat scuppered by our captain’s illness, while Dogbert’s skipper was sick to be replaced mere seconds away from earning his manager an extra two points. That same sub saw citywest put a MASSIVE dent into Oubliette’s commanding lead, and jrt’s identical team will hopefully lay the foundations for a storming surge in these last 13 matches.

Chessels Chick? Just pure solidity. No dramas, no bookings, but a single bonus point. Comfy.


Pretty much as you were. NEXT!


GW33 Points Breakdown

  1. Dasilva 5
  2. Williams 3
  3. Baker 2
  4. Eliasson 2
  5. Henriksen 2
  6. Massengo 2
  7. Wells 2
  8. Diédhiou 1
  9. Kalas 1
  10. Palmer 1
  11. Paterson 1
  12. Weimann 1
  13. O’Dowda 0
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Vs Huddersfield 

Def - Dasilva (Benkovic)

Mid - Best of

Att - Wells (Diédhiou)

Triple Capt

If I'm not allowed to play both chips, I'll go with the triple Capt and select Eliasson as my midfielder and Pato as my sub.

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PEU v Millwall

@RedYoshi - cannot select Hunt or Paterson

@jrt55555 - cannot select Paterson

@citywest30 & @Oubliette23 - cannot select Eliasson

@Chessels Chick - cannot select Eliasson or Diédhiou

@Dogbert - cannot select Wells


Might have the WBA & Huddersfield updates with you tonight, otherwise tomorrow morning, but they don’t make for great reading...

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Gameweek 34 - No Chivs, No Party

@Chivs missed the Leeds game; that happened.

@Chivs missed the West Brom game; this happened.

Please come back, you’re our only hope.

@bissellredhead: 4pts (Williams - Paterson - Diédhiou)

@jrt55555: 4pts (Williams - Paterson - Diédhiou)

@RedYoshi: 7pts (Hunt - Paterson - Wells)

@Chessels Chick: 8pts (Benković - Eliasson - Diédhiou)

@citywest30: 8pts (Benković - Eliasson - Diédhiou)

@Dogbert: 9pts (Hunt - Henriksen - Wells)

@Oubliette23: 12pts (Dasilva - Eliasson - Diédhiou)

Another game, another schooling, as Oubliette was the only player to reach double figures. Dogbert was the only other manager to not have a 0pt player on the pitch, while bissell and jrt experienced the joy of captaining theirs.



Again, very little movement. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.


GW34 Points Breakdown

  1. Dasilva 4
  2. Hunt 3
  3. Diédhiou 3
  4. Eliasson 2
  5. Henriksen 2
  6. Nagy 2
  7. O’Dowda 2
  8. Wells 2
  9. Palmer 1
  10. Weimann 1
  11. Williams 1
  12. Benković 0
  13. Paterson 0
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Gameweek 35 Update - Look Who’s Back

Sorry @Chivs, turns out you’re not our Obi-Wan. That was not a fun match to watch.

Although, admittedly, there were a lot more fantasy points available than the previous two outings, so maybe you’re our... Kylo Ren?

I dunno, just welcome back.

In addition to Chivs, Chips made a big comeback this week too, four of you hoping for a return of the 5-2 Huddersfield blowout... let’s see how that panned out, and if there were any other notable homecomings...

@bissellredhead: 5pts (Benković - Henriksen - Wells)

@Oubliette23: 5pts (Benković - Eliasson - Wells)

@Chivs: 10pts (Dasilva - Eliasson - Wells)

@jrt55555: 11pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Wells)

@citywest30: 16pts Triple Captain (Dasilva - Eliasson - Wells)

@Dogbert: 18pts Triple Captain (Dasilva - Paterson - Wells)

@RedYoshi: 20pts (Hunt - Paterson - Diédhiou)

@Chessels Chick: 30pts Triple Captain (Dasilva - Eliasson - Diédhiou)

@LeeJohnsonsFlatCap: 30pts Triple Captain (Dasilva - Henriksen - Diédhiou)

That’s how you do triumphant returns! LJFC storming back in to top the gameweek alongside Chessels. Excellent use of the Triple Captain, including our only two attacking points scorers in Dasilva and Diédhiou, while citywest and Dogbert at least selected Dasilva so as not to waste the chip (Chivs and jrt perfectly demonstrating the parallel universe in which they didn’t go down the fried potato route). Single captain Diédhiou saw me nuzzle in between the TCs, but at the other end is Oubliette’s dominance about to fade?

Well, I doubt it, but we can dream right? Unlike bissell, whose 5pts probably matches the total hours of sleep they’ve managed with the littl’un.


Boooooom. @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap is off the foot of the table! The crowd go absolutely nuts. What a story.

Meanwhile, the race for second is now neck and neck, and @Chessels Chick is making a move to consolidate the last Champions League spot.

Chessels has also roared into contention for Manager of the Month, as it fittingly all comes down to the leap day. Just three points now separate @Oubliette23 (94), myself (92) and CC (91).

Good luck!


GW35 Points Breakdown

  1. Diédhiou 9
  2. Dasilva 5
  3. Paterson 2
  4. Rowe 2
  5. Wells 2
  6. Baker 1
  7. Eliasson 1
  8. Henriksen 1
  9. Nagy 1
  10. Benković 0
  11. Hunt 0
  12. Kalas 0
  13. Weimann 0

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DEF: Dasilva (Baker)

MID: Eliasson vc (Nagy)

FWD: Diédhiou (C) (Wells)

3 hours ago, citywest30 said:

Mid - Pato vice capt (Baker)

Do you know something we don’t? :read:

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