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Fantastical Fantasies - Season Two (20/21)

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Gameweek 12 Update (Derby County H) - If A Tree Falls...

...but no one's around to hear it, did Diédhiou score a goal?

That's the conundrum we're faced with this week (last week) as Famara was left out in the cold by all of us - presumably hearing lots of trees plunging to the forest floor.

Even @DownendRed97, who picked 75% of our available strikeforce, was left to rue not including that remaining 25% of Senegalese beauty. Meant missing out on another clean sheet, too...

:trumpet:Pick of the Week:trumpet:

Such a week makes Downend, for the third match running, a worthy candidate for PotW again. The choice of Overload was well judged, if agonisingly short of perfection - even captaining Semenyo instead of Martin might have tipped the scales.

However, it is another heartbreaking pick that takes the honour this time around. A pick that was made by two managers, who got a special mention last match for the very same pick, and both were automatically left with the identical pick again.

With a near identical result.

It's the saga of @CheddarReds, @Dogbert, & Tommy Rowe.

Once again, a late cameo left them as the only two to have a defender but miss out on a clean sheet.

This time it was an even shorter appearance, coming on as he did in the 93rd minute.

What's more, they both had MotM Jack Hunt waiting to come on, who would've bumped them up to the two highest scores of the week.


These sort of moments are probably old hat to City supporters, of course, but deserve some recognition and, ultimately, some compensation. So hold your heads high, folks, you're my joint Picks of the Week. :worship2:


@CheddarReds9pts auto-pick (Rowe - O'Dowda - Martin)

@kelbcfc12pts (Vyner - Paterson - Martin)

@wayne allisons tongues12pts (Vyner - Paterson - Martin)

@citywest3013pts (Dasilva - Nagy - Martin)

@DownendRed9713pts Overload (Martin - Wells - Semenyo)

@Oubliette2313pts (Dasilva - Nagy - Wells)

@prankerd13pts auto-pick (Dasilva - Bakinson - Semenyo)

@RedYoshi13pts (Vyner - O'Dowda - Martin)

@Dogbert14pts auto-pick (Rowe - O'Dowda - Semenyo)

@jrt5555514pts auto-pick (Kalas - Bakinson - Wells)

@Newquay-Red14pts (Dasilva - Nagy - Martin)

@Rocking Red Cyril14pts (Dasilva - Nagy - Martin)

@Chessels Chick15pts (Hunt - Paterson - Martin)

@LeeJohnsonsFlatCap15pts (Hunt - Paterson - Wells)

@Nathandao16pts auto-pick (Dasilva - O'Dowda - Semenyo)

@Redstart16pts (Hunt - O'Dowda - Martin)

@bissellredhead17pts (Hunt - Nagy - Wells)


@bissellredhead top of the (unfallen) tree, with a Nagy nudge ahead of @Redstart, while @Nathandao has a great auto-pick despite not having a captain available.

Talking of auto-picks, both @jrt55555 and @prankerd manage to stay in the middle of the pack without anyone in the middle of the park - in fact, prankerd was 2pts better off than had they picked in time, which would've resulted in another Rowe cameo.

The early pacesetters of @Chessels Chick and @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap are lockstep this week, two ahead of @citywest30 who of course snuck between them after Cardiff.


Sneaking back into 2nd is @Chessels Chick then, though @citywest30 also joins @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap in the 200 club. @CheddarReds' PotW winning misfortune sees them drop to 7th, as @Redstart forms a three piece alternative jazz funk band with @Oubliette23 and myself.

Gameweek-topping @bissellredhead consolidates that 10th place, halving the gap to @DownendRed97, who in turn has just slipped behind @jrt55555 by a nose. Then it's pretty much as you were, aside from @Dogbert and @Nathandao managing to reel in @wayne allisons tongues and increase the gap back to @kelbcfc.

Long way to go, mind, and with chips-a-plenty plus potential cup bonuses still to come, literally anything could happen.


GW12 Dream Team: Hunt (9) - Nagy/O'Dowda (3) - Semenyo (7)

Points Breakdown

  1. Hunt 9 (cs, 3bp) - has passed 50pts for the season
  2. Semenyo 7 (a, 2bp)
  3. Dasilva 6 (cs)
  4. Diédhiou 6 (g, 1bp)
  5. Kalas 6 (cs)
  6. Vyner 6 (cs)
  7. Nagy 3 (cs)
  8. O'Dowda 3 (cs)
  9. Martin 2
  10. Paterson 2 (yc)
  11. Wells 2
  12. Brunt 1
  13. Moore 1
  14. Rowe 1


One down, two to come...

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Gameweek 13 Update (Watford H) - Battle of the Clean Sheets

For the first time since GW7 v Swansea (and only the third time overall) nobody captained a defender, and we go and get our first 0-0 of the season.

Apt for GW13 I suppose.

So the question became "who could clean their sheet the best?"

Sadly for @Oubliette23 & @prankerd, the absence of Kalas (& Mariappa) meant they had no sheet at all, dirty or otherwise, while the rest of us scrapped over Dasilva, Hunt & Vyner and waited for the bonus points to separate us.

In the end, the 3 bonus points went - perhaps unexpectedly - to a midfielder, whom only one manager had picked...

:trumpet:Pick of the Week:trumpet:

And for the fourth match in a row, @DownendRed97 therefore puts themselves in the running for PotW, as the only manager to have MotM(!) Callum O'Dowda. Yes, that Callum O'Dowda.

It's a great run, and probably deserves more than the one win thus far, but I'm afraid for the third time in four weeks someone else has just tickled my fancy that little bit more... I fully anticipate disgruntled disagreements and frustrated fantasists, so please forward all complaints to: VAR, Stockley Park, 5 Longwalk Rd, UB11 1FE.

However, nothing can beat this week's back 'n' forth chip champion @Rocking Red Cyril. Take a bow.

Initially opting for the Best Of chip but then listing a defensive Overload team, Cyril looked set to take advantage of the subsequent 0-0 with a trio of clean sheets. However, two of the three picks (Kalas & Mariappa) didn't end up featuring, so it would have actually resulted in a disappointing return of just the one clean sheet from Dasilva.

Fortunately, Cyril clarified and instead reverted to the Best Of chip in defence, giving hope of nudging ahead of the rest of us when the bonus points were all counted and verified.

In doing so, though, they were left without a midfielder, as Nagy was an ineligible pick and no sub was named. No extra midfield clean sheet point, then, but at least getting the best defender should counteract that, especially with the captain's armband...

Ah. No captain selected either.

To me, to you, so close, so far.

Fact is, Cyril was the only person to end up with the highest scoring defender (one Tommy Rowe - yep, a game too late @CheddarReds & @Dogbert.. d'oh!), and had he been captained would've provided the top score of the round.

But boy was this haphazard, uncertain, accidental approach far more entertaining.

Congrats @Rocking Red Cyril, a second PotW in the bag!


@prankerd5pts (Kalas - Paterson - Martin)

@Oubliette237pts (Kalas - Paterson - Semenyo)

@Rocking Red Cyril10pts Best Of (Rowe - Nagy - Semenyo)

@CheddarReds11pts (Hunt - Paterson - Wells)

@citywest3011pts (Hunt - Nagy - Wells)

@RedYoshi11pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Wells)

@wayne allisons tongues11pts (Hunt - Nagy - Wells)

@Chessels Chick13pts (Dasilva - Nagy - Semenyo)

@Dogbert13pts (Hunt - Paterson - Martin)

@jrt5555513pts (Hunt - Paterson - Semenyo)

@LeeJohnsonsFlatCap13pts (Dasilva - Nagy - Semenyo)

@Newquay-Red13pts (Hunt - Nagy - Semenyo)

@kelbcfc14pts (Hunt - Paterson - Semenyo)

@Nathandao14pts auto-pick (Vyner - Paterson - Martin)

@Redstart14pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Semenyo)

@bissellredhead15pts (Vyner - Paterson - Semenyo)

@DownendRed9717pts (Vyner - O'Dowda - Semenyo)


Hopefully a consolation for missing out on the, let's face it, entirely pointless PotW, @DownendRed97 at least tops the actual points table for the week, with @bissellredhead putting in another strong showing, both benefitting from Zak "2nd best defender" Vyner who earned the last bonus point.

@Nathandao's auto-pick tactics continue to pay dividends, slotting into third alongside fellow Paterson-captainers @kelbcfc & @Redstart - clearly that extra midfield clean sheet point making a difference.

In a congested midfield, as Dasilva and Hunt cancelled each other out, the 11-pointers were let down by a non-starting captain Wells, but not as much as Kalas let down our aforementioned pair of @Oubliette23 & @prankerd, who were also left to rue non-featuring subs and ineligible picks respectively.



With @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap & @Chessels Chick having identical teams this week, there's no change right at the top, although they both pull ever so slightly further away from @citywest30 in third.

@Redstart makes that 4th place their own, but @DownendRed97 is now breathing right down their neck, jumping an impressive four places. Meanwhile @Oubliette23 plummets in the opposite direction, dropping five spots thanks to that missing defence, but still manages to break the 200pt barrier along with the rest of the top 10. It would be unwise to count out our reigning champion quite yet, trust me... you don't win The Fantastical Fantasies of OTIB Season One without some fight in ya.

Meanwhile, the bottom four have closed right up on defenceless @prankerd, with @Nathandao poised to continue the phoenix act alongside @Dogbert.

Things are definitely happening.

Also, going into the last game of November, the Manager of the Month standings look(ed) something like this:

  1. @LeeJohnsonsFlatCap 75
  2. @DownendRed97 74
  3. @citywest30 69
  4. @Nathandao 66
  5. @Rocking Red Cyril 63

With three others on 61, it could be quite the showdown against Reading... can LJFC claim two in a row? Will Downend cap off the four game noteworthy streak with the monthly accolade? Is this the beginning of citywest's siege on the top two? Or will an underdog get their moment in the November sun?

All this and more...soon...


GW13 Dream Team: Rowe (8) - O'Dowda (6) - Diédhiou/Semenyo (2)

(an Overload of Rowe (8) - Vyner (7) - another defender (6) would've been the best possible)

Points Breakdown

  1. Rowe 8 (cs, 2bp)
  2. Vyner 7 (cs, 1bp)
  3. Dasilva 6 (cs)
  4. Hunt 6 (cs)
  5. Moore 6 (cs)
  6. O'Dowda 6 (cs, 3bp)
  7. Nagy 3 (cs)
  8. Paterson 3 (cs)
  9. Diédhiou 2
  10. Semenyo 2
  11. Martin 1
  12. Wells 1
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Before all that intrigue, better get prepared for tomorrow's match...


@LeeJohnsonsFlatCap - cannot select Dasilva

@Dogbert@kelbcfc - cannot select Hunt

@jrt55555 - cannot select Paterson

@Newquay-Red@Oubliette23 - cannot select Semenyo

@citywest30@RedYoshi - cannot select Wells

@Rocking Red Cyril - cannot select Rowe or Semenyo

@wayne allisons tongues - cannot select Hunt or Wells

@prankerd - cannot select Paterson or Martin

@Redstart -  cannot select Paterson or Semenyo

@CheddarReds - cannot select Hunt, Paterson, or Wells

@Nathandao - cannot select Vyner, Paterson, or Martin


Just @bissellredhead, @Chessels Chick & @DownendRed97 with free rein this week. Start your engines! ...or something.


Quick point of business too - auto-picks when required in the match after a chip is played will work as follows:

  • Triple Captain: the three players will be the same, & captain will be chosen based on the position of captain in the preceding match.
    - e.g. Preceding Match: Martin(C) Chip Match: TC with Semenyo Auto-pick match: Semenyo(C)
  • Overload: the other two positions will be filled with the preceding match picks, & captain will be kept in the Overload position.
    - e.g. Preceding Match: Dasilva-Paterson(C)-Semenyo Chip Match: Overload Semenyo-Wells(C)-Martin Auto-pick match: Dasilva-Paterson-Wells(C)
  • Best Of: the three players will be the same, with the preceding match only being used in the event of the "Best Of" player being ineligible.
    - e.g. Preceding Match: Dasilva-Paterson(Nagy)-Semenyo Chip Match: Best Of Hunt-Paterson-Martin Auto-pick match: Hunt-Nagy-Semenyo

Hope that makes sense. You don't really need to worry about it to be honest, but it's good to be transparent, and makes sure I don't do different things when the necessity arises!

Obviously vice-captain picks will come into play when required too, e.g. if your Overloaded captain is ineligible for the auto-pick, and subs will rotate in as normal.


Any questions, fire away. Otherwise, get yo'selves pickin'.

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PEU v Birmingham City

@citywest30 - cannot select Dasilva

@Rocking Red Cyril - cannot select Nagy

@jrt55555 - cannot select Martin

@Chessels Chick@kelbcfc@LeeJohnsonsFlatCap - cannot select Wells

@Oubliette23 - cannot select Dasilva or Nagy

@bissellredhead - cannot select Dasilva, O'Dowda, or Diédhiou


Free for all for all the rest - @CheddarReds, @Dogbert, @DownendRed97, @Nathandao, @Newquay-Red, @prankerd, @Redstart, @wayne allisons tongues

Reading & QPR updates to come, along with the official Christmas Cup commencement announcement.



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